SAS and an Apps store – yes please

Interesting post on the SAS Blog site titled  “The vision for SAS Platform as a Service”.

One thing that took my interest was this comment:

“You are an independent SAS consultant with a growing client list in the field of fraud detection for government programs. You’ve created an add-on reporting component for the SAS Fraud Solution that several counties in your area want to deploy to better understand welfare fraud rings in their area.  You want to make it easy for each county to find and download the add-on and for other potential clients to find it within a database or “online store” that features similar SAS apps.”

I would so love a SAS apps store, both for us to be able to promote our portlets and add-ins but also to encourage others to develop and sell extensions to the SAS capability, that people often need.

There are a few third parties developing additional capability for SAS environments, including:

And some of the leading SAS Consulting companies from around the world also seem to develop bespoke applications.
But again there is no co-ordinated environment to help these innovators flourish, so good news to see SAS are thinking about it, just a pity that it looks like it is still just thinking at the moment.






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  1. Paul Homes on September 10, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Shane,

    I noticed that SAS PaaS post too. Sounds very interesting. I wonder if there will be more info at the SAS Global Forum next year?


    BTW – there a small typo in your post for the Metacoda link. Rather than with an ‘e’ it’s with an ‘a’.

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